FT-S610 Angle board machine (V Profile and Notching)

Product code: FT-S610
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Paper angle board/edge protector machine FT-S610 is V profile making machine with on line notching device.
This is our best seller machine, because FT-S610 can produce the most popular products in the maket (V, R profile and Wrap around angle board), while still guarantee production speed of customer.
Also FT-S610 is equipped servo cutting system with high cutting precision, ensure perfect output finished products to customers

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Install size (LxWxH) 36m x 1.5m x 2m (Option: 26m length, 3m width)
Function Making V profile, Right angle (with/without lock), Warp around angle boards
Size 25 x 25mm ~ 100 x 100mm (V Profile)
25 x 25mm ~ 75 x 75mm (Notching)
Length 50mm ~ any
Thickness 2 ~ 10 mm (V/L Profile)
Nothching thickness 2 ~ 5mm
Speed 0 ~ 50m/min (V/L profile), 0 ~ 40m/min (Notching), 0 ~ 30m/min (W Profile)
Cutting precision ±0.5mm
Power 16KW
Voltage 380V/60Hz (Customized)
Control system Servo control, PLC and HMI
Forming wheels 10 set (or customized)
Roll stand L Type with lifter on Top (6m length) or Straight Type with pneumatic stands (18m length)
Cutting system Newest servo cutting system
Applicable glue type PVA/PVAc/Starch glue
Standard configuration Automatic stacking machine *1; Coveying machine *1; Servo cutting machine *1; Paper glue machine *1; Paper roll stands *12 sets
Features - All important parts were chrome plate.

- Newest servo cutter; High cutting precision and Easy to operate.

- Machine working stable.

- Machine operators: 3 workers max.

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