AT-100 Thin paper tube machine

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AT-100 is a dedicated paper tube machine for the tube from 6mm thickness or less, particularly suitable for the production of tape paper tube and paper cans.
We developed this product line dedicated to the factory produce tape paper tube, paper cans and industrial paper tube with thickness less than 6mm. 
By reducing unnecessary parts to save costs which can ensure the quality and efficiency, this machine especially for these factories with demand for efficient machine and low investment cost.

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Machine size (LxWxH) 10m x 2m x 1.7m
Function Thin paper tube
Inner diameter 25mm ~ 100mm
Thickness 2mm ~ 6mm
Cutting length 200mm ~ any
Speed 0 ~ 25m per minute
Cutting precision ±1mm
Surround head 2
Cutting head Servo control single cutting head
Power 12Kw
Voltage 380V/60Hz (Customized)
Control system Servo control and HMI
Paper stand 10 sets L type with hoist; Core paper and Face paper stand each type with one set
Cutting system Newest servo single cutter
Finished tube collection device Pneumatic control
Standard configuration Pneumatic stacking *1; Newest servo control single cutter *1; Main machine *1; Bottom paper waxing and gluing machine *1; Surface paper gluing machine *1; Core paper passing machine *1; Paper roll stand *10.

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